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Our expert designers can bring your project to life. Plus, Plexite Cast Acrylic can be easily customized to meet design requirements.


Computer-controlled machinery allows us to cut, grind, drill, and mill sheets to your exact specifications.


In addition to producing the perfect design, we can install your sheets to ensure your satisfaction.

Maintenance Services

Our contact doesn’t end when the project ends. We continue to provide 24/7 support and attentive customer service.

Why Innovative Acrylics?

With satisfied clients around the world, Innovative Acrylics has quickly established a reputation for delivering and installing premium grade acrylic sheets for a wide variety of uses.

Our Approach

We work hard to fully understand your application and requirements and to then provide a high quality acrylic solution that meets your specifications and allows you to realize your project goals.

Our Background

Located in Tampa, Innovative Acrylics employs leading experts in acrylics design, fabrication and installation.

We provide premium grade acrylic sheets for institutional aquarium displays, commercial and private water features and pools, submersibles and watercraft, and architectural applications.

Case Study

Zoo Exhibits Allow Visitors to See Underwater Life Up Close & Clearly

Innovative Acrylics has built an outstanding reputation for providing zoos with both large and small aquariums that allows visitors to see underwater life up close and personal.

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