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Case Study

Cylinder Aquariums Offer Full 360 Degree Views of Underwater Life!

Flexibility of Acrylic Panels Allows Innovative Acrylics to Create Both Large & Small Cylinders

The Concept

Provide visitors with full 360 degree views of fish and other underwater life through a cylinder shaped aquarium. These types of aquariums allow for maximum viewing while utilizing a smaller amount of floor space.

One of the great things about cylinder aquariums is that people can easily walk around them and get a variety of views of the inside life in a short amount of time. These types of tanks can be made so that they are clear inside or they can have a tower or column in their center.

The Solution

Innovative Acrylics is able to create large and small cylinder aquariums with ease thanks to the flexibility and strength of acrylic sheets and the company’s innovative chemical bonding technology. Innovative Acrylics is a premier fabricator of acrylic panels.

The company has designed, fabricated and installed numerous cylinder aquariums. For example, the company recently completed a large cylinder tank with a stone tower in its center for a large, well-known aquarium. The cylinder aquarium offers unique views and has a stylish design that draws visitors to it.

Cylinder aquarium designs have become something of a fan favorite among large aquarium visitors and small aquarium owners. The design of the tank itself is eye-catching and the incredible 360 degree views the tank provides then serve as the icing on the cake.

– Sean Stalter, Innovative Acrylics


One of the issues with cylinder aquariums in the past is that the design caused a distorted view of the fish inside when looking from certain angles. Innovative Acrylics solved this issue by using acrylic panels that offer superior clarity and flexibility so that aquarium owners can enjoy unique designs without sacrificing optical clarity. Innovative Acrylics also uses advanced bonding technology to avoid having bonds that obstruct the view of visitors.


Cylinder aquariums are a marvel. The fact that acrylic sheets can easily be formed into a cylinder shape without breaking or leaking is truly amazing. Then add the beautiful 360 degree views that this type of tank offers and it’s little wonder that this type of aquarium has become so popular.

If you are looking for an attention-grabbing cylinder aquarium, there is only one place to turn – Innovative Acrylics. We are well-known for producing high-quality cylinder tanks, both large and small, for aquariums, zoos, hotels, businesses, individuals and more.

The aquariums feature the latest in acrylic and bonding technology and provide mesmerizing views of fish and other water life.

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