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Our unique system relies on proprietary and superior bonding technology, innovative fabrication and a highly skilled workforce to deliver the highest-quality acrylics-based aquarium systems. That’s why we have quickly become a leader in this market space.

We focus on attention to detail, highest quality products, reasonable lead times, competitive pricing and overall customer satisfaction. From creative, cutting-edge design to innovative fabrication and focused installation, we are committed to providing top quality service to our clients, whatever the size of the project.

Leading Builder of Large Aquariums

We have extensive experience in the design, fabrication and installation of aquariums for zoos, hotels, resorts, casinos, shopping malls, amusement parks and restaurants.

We take great pride in delivering the perfect views to what we consider “living art.” Our aquariums offer impact resistance, excellent optical properties, a choice of colors and the ideal thickness for safety.

How We Do It

We place a high premium on ensuring quality through every stage of aquarium development, from concept design all the way through to fabrication and installation.

Our acrylic panels are ideal for aquariums, providing excellent clarity and unmatched strength. These acrylic sheets are also easily customizable to ensure your requirements are met.

During the project, we will work closely with you to ensure your goals become reality. Plus, you can count on us to not just manufacture the acrylic sheets but also install them and provide support and maintenance to ensure their continued reliability.

With our well-equipped production facility, extensive experience, full fabrication capabilities you can count on us to make your dream tank affordable when other manufacturers cannot. And remember, we can create acrylic aquariums of any size and virtually any shape.

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