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Commercial Aquarium

Commercial Aquarium Systems

Innovative Acrylics has the creative and technical expertise to build commercial aquarium systems that will transcend your dreams. Whether your project is intended as a statement for your restaurant, an iconic feature for a hotel or a full-scale exhibit for a zoo, we have the experience to manage the entire project from concept, to fabrication and installation of your system.

Our design team can transform and develop your vision into a realistic and workable design by asking questions that inspire you to verbalize your concept. This is an exciting process, where we present you with options for your commercial aquarium system that you would never dream of. As we develop the concept and present you with our visualizations, the project assumes a form that is almost guaranteed to astound you by the way we can transform your expectations.

Innovative Acrylics has superior fabrication facilities and proprietary bonding technology that enables us to build top-quality aquariums of any size and shape. Whenever possible, we construct aquariums at our fabrication premises, but when a structure is too large to transport, we set up a controlled facility to perform bonding on site.

We incorporate life support systems, reef displays and lighting systems that ensure the viability of your system and enhance its appeal. Our dedicated project managers control all phases of your project from start to finish. We can provide a turnkey solution for your commercial aquarium system that ensures your facility is installed to exceed your specifications, while meeting your budget.

Types of Commercial Acrylic Aquarium Windows and Viewing Panels

Innovative Acrylics' acrylic design and fabrication capabilities enable us to build commercial acrylic aquarium windows of any size and shape. Modern technology and our proprietary methods allow us to build systems that enable visitors to feel immersed in the marine world they’re witnessing. We can design and fabricate several types of aquarium windows and viewing panels that will heighten the experience:

To take a look at the kinds of projects we have worked on, access our galleries that showcase our work for public aquariums and zoos, as well as for the hospitality industry.

Imagine giving your visitors the thrill of feeling immersed in the marine world and being up close and personal with marine fish and other animals? Contact us to build a commercial aquarium system that will give your audience a truly memorable experience.

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