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Curved Aquariums

Innovative Acrylics has experience in designing and building many curved aquariums. They provide a refreshing departure from flat panels that impart a rectangular, 2D view of your display. Curved panels pull the viewer into the image and provide an almost three-dimensional view of fish, reef, coral and plants in the aquarium.

The Benefits of Acrylic for Curved Aquariums

Innovative Acrylics uses cast acrylic sheets to build all its aquariums. This form of acrylic has exceptional qualities. It has better transparency, translucence and clarity than glass, providing a much sharper and clearer view of the marine life within the aquarium. One of the major benefits of using acrylic is that it is far more suitable than glass for curved panels.

Glass refracts light much more than acrylic. This means that any light passing through glass is bent more than in the case of acrylic, causing distortion of the image. The thicker the glass, the more pronounced the distortion. Acrylic, on the other hand, has almost the same index of refraction as water and does not distort the size or shape of the fish or any other element in the display. Acrylic, even when curved, provides a true representation of reality.

Large aquariums require a strong structure to support and withstand the weight of water. This would require very thick glass for curved panels, which would cause major image distortion. Acrylic is far stronger and lighter than glass, and acrylic panels do not need to be so thick as a consequence.

Delight and Amaze with Curved Aquariums

The Innovative Acrylics team has the expertise to design stunning curved aquariums that are sure to prove an attraction for your visitors. Our designers can create curved panels for any part of your aquarium. We can build tanks with a curved radius on three or even four sides of the structure and even provide the option of an S-shaped curved panel to add a different look to your exhibit.

Curved aquariums will provide an exciting viewing experience to delight and amaze your visitors! Contact Innovative Acrylics to start with the design of your aquarium today.

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