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Flat Aquarium Panels

Flat panels are the most common type of panel used in an aquarium. This doesn’t make them ordinary by any means! Innovative Acrylics has the capabilities to design and fabricate beautiful flat aquarium panels for your aquarium that will amaze your visitors. These windows can be rectangular, circular or any other shape that compliments the overall design of the aquarium.

Visitors are naturally drawn to aquarium windows to view marine life, and the bigger the window, the more attention they attract. However, the size of a panel is limited by a manufacturer’s parent sheet size and fabrication capabilities. At Innovative Acrylics, our maximum parent sheet size is one of the largest in the industry, 590” x 137.8” x 7.87”. For projects exceeding these specifications our fabrication capabilities enable us to bond and laminate parent stock to virtually any size.

Inevitably, flat panels have to be bonded to form aquarium windows, which can vary in size from a small car to an airliner. Many aquarium manufacturers use bonding procedures that leave unsightly bonds in the window, spoiling the public’s view of the exhibit. We have developed bonding technology using a proprietary adhesive that is far stronger than other products and results in a bond that is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Flat Aquarium Panels: Beautiful and Versatile

Acrylic has better clarity than glass, which can impart a hazy or greenish tinge to the view. We utilize this property in the fabrication of our flat aquarium panels to enhance the beauty of your exhibit. Flat panels are versatile and can be installed anywhere in an aquarium. Flat aquarium panels can be installed to form either three or all four sides of an exhibit. They don’t have to be vertical, and we can install them at an angle to add a different dimension to the exhibit. Flat aquarium panels are also strong enough be used for the floors of aquarium tanks, enabling the public to experience a unique view of marine animals.

With our proprietary technology, there is no limit to the size or design of flat panels that enable us to give you an extraordinarily beautiful aquarium. Contact Innovative Acrylics to see how we can use flat aquarium panels to build you an incredible facility.

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