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Underwater Tunnel Aquariums

Imagine walking through a tunnel and seeing a shark, turtle or polar bear swimming overhead or right in front of you. An underwater tunnel aquarium provides a breathtaking experience that enables your visitors to view what is above them as well as in front, giving them the feeling that they are totally immersed in the water world around them.

Ideally, you want the experience to be the best it can possibly be, to get the word out and keep the public coming back again and again. By using our proprietary technology, Innovative Acrylics can maximize that experience for your visitors. Through our technical expertise, fabrication capabilities and superior bonding technology, we will design and build an acrylic tunnel aquarium thatis certain to draw the crowds.

Inspire Awe With an Underwater Tunnel Aquarium

To be truly awe-inspiring an underwater tunnel aquarium should allow an unobstructed view of what is going around the visitors. Innovative Acrylics has a highly skilled team with extensive experience in the design and engineering of these structures.

We use acrylic in the manufacture of our aquariums. This is a stronger material than glass and has better clarity, which promotes a clearer view of every aspect of your exhibit. Thick glass bends the light, giving the water a greenish hue, while acrylic does not have that problem and provides a crystal clear view of everything that is going on in your display.

Innovative Acrylics uses a proprietary adhesive to bond the panels making up an underwater tunnel aquarium. This gives us a major advantage over many other aquarium manufacturers who use commercial adhesives for their bonds, which are much weaker. Commercial adhesives also leave clear evidence of a seam in the tunnel, which ruins the viewing experience. Our bonds are invisible to the naked eye, providing a seamless look to the display.

The Safety of an Acrylic Tunnel Aquarium

At Innovative Acrylic, we understand that many people are apprehensive about their safety when entering an underwater tunnel aquarium. We build tunnel aquariums that are strong enough to withstand the pressure of the water and animpact from even the largest marine animal in your aquarium.

Our acrylic tunnel aquariums are designed to withstandover eleven times their maximum load. We place high priority on quality control through all stages of our fabrication process, including thermoforming, bonding, annealing and polishing to ensure that the safety of the end product is not compromised. All our fabrications are thoroughly tested before leaving our premises. In cases where structures are too large to transport, we have the capability to set up a controlled environment on site for bonding and testing of panels before installation.

An underwater tunnel aquarium provides an exhilarating experience for any visitor and will make your facility a star attraction. To get your project started, Contact Innovative Acrylic for an initial consultation.

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