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Acrylic Pool Designs That Are Really Making Waves

Underwater windows and panels that were once reserved for state-of-the-art swimming facilities are now possible in standard commercial, residential and educational pools thanks to our acrylic sheets.

Our cast acrylic sheets deliver optical clarity and durability. They are also available in a variety of sizes, colors and thicknesses – and they are customizable to specific project requirements.

In other words, they are perfect for allowing businesses, schools and individuals to get strikingly beautiful pools that are also highly functional.

Making Spectacular Views Commonplace

While many pool window fabricators are limited to single-sided-rectangular viewing panels, Innovative Acrylics’ AcrylicPools division employs advanced manufacturing techniques to chemically bond and thermoform acrylic so that it can create multi-sided viewing panels of nearly any conceivable dimension.

AcrylicPools is a major supplier of acrylic sheets for the pool market due to our extensive experience and expertise in creating optically superior acrylic sheets that are also extra thick for safety and reliability.

Our acrylic pool sheets are also available in a matte finish in clear or with color added. You can count on us to create the pool of your dreams – a pool that will provide years and years of enjoyment to those who swim in it or even look into it.

Our Acrylic Pool Services

We will fabricate your pool wall transparency using a thermoplastic process. Then we will bond the parent sheet by using a chemical adhesive to create the size and shape needed for the project. This is a big difference between us and other pool window installation firms. Most firms do not have the capability to bond.

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