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Providing Safe, Panaromic Views
to Submersible Crews

Innovative Acrylics brings extensive knowledge and years of experience to the design, fabrication and installation of acrylic windows for hyperbarics and Pressure Vehicles for Human Occupancy (PVHO).

We are capable of fabricating superior quality acrylic viewports for not just submersibles but also hyperbaric chambers and diving systems. With Innovative Acrylics you can count on receiving maximum quality assurance and fabrication precision so that all project and safety requirements are met, including ASME PVHO-1 and ASME section VIII.

Cast Acrylic is an Excellent Insulator

In addition to being lightweight, strong and flexible our cast acrylic sheets are also excellent insulators that hamper conductivity of cold ocean temperatures.

With our acrylic windows, crew members and video equipment will have crystal clear views of ocean life while the inside of the submersible stays more energy efficient.

Get the Custom Solution You Need for Any PVHO

Innovative Acrylics can create a custom acrylic window solution for any pressure vessel requirement. Our technicians include design experts who can help with the planning and fabrication of any size and shape viewport for an ROV, AUV, submarine or other underwater vehicle or pressure vessel.

Whether you need an expert consultation or turnkey production of submersible windows, Innovative Acrylics can help. We can determine the geometry and thickness for any acrylic window and make sure that it meets your design pressure and temperature needs.

Whether your submersible is for oceanography, underwater archaeology, ocean exploration, adventure, equipment maintenance and recovery, underwater videography or something else, we can make sure it has the safe, functional acrylic viewports that are needed for mission success.

Clear Underwater Views

From design and fabrication to repair and testing, Innovative Acrylics services a wide variety of PVHO viewports and non-standard windows.

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