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Case Study

Large Tanks Make People Feel Part of the Aquarium

Large-Cast Acrylic Sheets Create Virtual Walls of Water

The Concept

Create a big aquarium featuring three large flat acrylic panels with the ends butted up to one another to create a three-sided room that’s full of water and eye-catching underwater life.

With this type of aquarium design, people can be inches away from fish, sharks, eels and more. In fact, when people stand near this type of tank they feel immersion, like they are submersed in the tank with the fish. But instead they are standing outside behind a thin layer of glass that makes it look like the walls are made of water.

The Solution

Innovative Acrylics has created numerous large aquariums, including a recent three-side support panel tank that contained 14,500 gallons of water. The tank featured three large flat acrylic panels to hold back the thousands of gallons of water and to provide a comfortable home for fish and other underwater life.

Innovative Acrylics is one of the few companies that offers design, fabrication and installation of large tanks. The tanks are made from cast acrylic sheets, which are a major step forward in acrylic innovation and are strong and flexible enough to be formed into a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Large U-shape aquariums, that’s aquariums with three-side support panels, can really be impressive to viewers … offering them the chance to get up close to large fish. These tanks offer views people wouldn’t be able to enjoy otherwise.

– Sean Stalter, Innovative Acrylics


Larger acrylic sheets naturally offer more surface area for people to damage. However, Innovative Acrylics uses cast acrylic, which is strong and highly resistant to scratches. People’s hands, fingers, and fingernails usually will not scratch the acrylic. Typically, the visitor who is curious about the acrylic and touches it will not cause scratching unless rings, bracelets, and wrist watches accidentally contact the surface. Most damage to acrylic occurs at the bottom of panels where the view starts at the floor. If there is no protection, the panel will get kicked, run into by strollers and electric carts, and bumped by vacuum cleaners or mops.


Large U-shape aquariums offer truly amazing views of underwater life. These three-sided tanks put people just inches away from eye-catching fish and thousands of gallons of water. The tanks can make viewers feel small in comparison and gain even more appreciation for sea life.

Innovative Acrylics is a leading provider of U-shape aquariums. Its designs feature proprietary bonding and thermoforming techniques that ensure high optical clarity and no vision obstructing seams. Thanks to the flexibility of acrylic the panels can be made to just about any size. Innovative Acrylics is a premier fabricator of cast acrylic sheets.

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