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Installation Services

Ensure Your Acrylic Sheet is Installed Properly!

You can have an acrylic sheet designed and fabricated to your exact specifications but if it is not installed properly you could be in for years of headaches and extra costs.

At Innovative Acrylics, our experts can ensure your acrylic sheets are installed properly so that you don’t have to worry about any issues like leaks, cracks, poor seals and more. Our installers also work fast and efficiently so that you stay on schedule and on budget.

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Our Acrylic Pool Installation Service

A successful pool window installation involves two processes–rebate waterproofing and panel glazing.

In the first process, the concrete, stainless or other rebate substratemust be properly sealed with a compatible product. Next, a flexible silicone seal must be used to glaze the acrylic pool transparency to the rebate.

We are experts at both and can ensure that your new pool is sealed properly. We even offer two solutions for glazing pool transparencies.Our slow-setting glazing solution is considered the industry standardbut we also offer a rapid curing product that requires just 24 hours to 48 hours in optimal conditions.

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