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Maintenance Services

Acrylic Sheet Repairs

We are experienced in fixing all acrylic sheet issues including leaks and failures.

Avoid Troublesome & Costly Issues With Your Acrylics

Our knowledgeable technicians are available to keep your acrylic sheet functioning properly as well as to repair any issues that may arise.

We can quickly identify the source of any problem and get it fixed so that you experience minimal hardship. Our maintenance team can also keep your acrylics functioning properly so that no issues arise in the first place.

We also offer polishing services that can restore yoru acrylic sheets to their original beauty.

Our Acrylic Swimming Pool Maintenance Service

If you need maintenance or acrylic window repair for your pool, we can help!

Our team can help you fix any issue you are having with your acrylic pool windows. We are experienced in fixing all pool window issues including leaks and failures.

We will identify the source of the problem and get your pool back to peak performance. Swimming pool window leaks have three primary sources; silicone failure, rebate waterproofing separation, and rebate failure – and we can fix them all.

Also, over time and use, acrylic pool windows may start to degrade. They may show scratches and crazing, which we can eliminate. Our repair process starts with an aggressive abrasive and proceeds with incremental steps until a 1-micron optical finish is achieved. In some cases, this intricately detailed process can be conducted while your pool is in service.

Our Maintenance Plans

We offer a variety of custom maintenance plans, please contact us to learn more about what we can offer you specifically. We’ll discuss your needs and concerns and then develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to meet all your needs.

Our team in action

What You Need to Know About Acrylic Sheet Maintenance

While acrylic is safer and more durable than glass and other plastics, it’s still important to take care of it properly to extend its lifespan.

Acrylic sheeting can be damaged by harsh solvents and cleaners. Use an approved plastic cleaner or mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris.

When cleaning, use a non-abrasive lint-free or microfiber cloth that won't scratch the surface of the acrylic.

If you have questions or desire professional maintenance to keep your acrylic in top shape, contact us now.

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